Design of houses in Belgorod and Moscow

✔ Conceptual design of a cottage 220 ₽/m²

✔ Technical Design of a cottage 320 ₽/m²

✔ Production time - from 1 week

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Our catalog contains a large collection of home projects for all tastes and budgets. But if you can't find your dream house among them - no problem.

We will design a house in which all the nuances and little things that are important only to you will be taken into account.

Where will the kids put their toys? Where will your friends sit when they come to visit? Which window will be a pleasant place to have a cup of tea after work? Where will your beloved cat sleep?

Such simple little things make up both the small and the infinite universe of man. We will use the most advanced technologies and methods of modern architecture to help you create your own unique atmosphere. Your unique home.

Do you want to create your own home?

Work examples

The latest work of our design team.
We also invite you to explore the full archive of projects from our catalog. catalog

Projects catalog

Cost of services

Conceptual Design

220per m²
  • General information about the project, building materials, planning decisions.
  • Floor plans
  • Sections
  • Facades
  • Roof plan
  • Visualization of the house

Technical Design

320per m²
  • General information about the project, building materials, planning decisions.
  • Masonry plans for all floors
  • Sections of the house with all height marks
  • Structural knots
  • Jumper specification

Detailed Engineering

100per m²
  • The project of water supply and sanitation (sewerage) of the house
  • Project of heating and ventilation systems at home
  • House electrical project
  • Project of low-voltage networks (telephone, internet, signaling)

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