Design of public buildings in Belgorod and Moscow

✔ Development of the architectural and urban design (AGO) of the building and its coordination with the Department of Architecture from 15,000 rubles.

✔ Project production time - from 1 week

✔ Development of a complete set of drawings of project documentation in accordance with Decree No. 87.

✔ Passing the examination of project documentation.

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The EuroProject company provides a full range of services for the integrated design of any type of public buildings from a preliminary design to working documentation. For more than 16 years of existence of our company, dozens of projects have been successfully implemented and vast experience in design has been accumulated.

By contacting us, you can be sure that:

  • You get a service with the best price / quality ratio;
  • The project includes optimal, time-tested, compatible technologies and materials;
  • Employees of "EuroProject" are sincerely interested in the fact that as a result of cooperation a project will turn out that fully meets all your requirements;
  • The finishing and operation of the building following the general construction will not require alterations and additional financial investments.

The building we have designed will not only stand out with its stylish, modern design, but will also be easy to use, safe, energy efficient and cost effective.

We work to make your life more comfortable, convenient and happier. Each project is the most important for us, each client is the most special!

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The latest work of our design team. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the full archive of projects from our catalog

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Cost of services

Draft design (AGO)

from 15 000
  • General information about the project, building materials, planning solutions
  • Floor plans with explications of rooms, overall dimensions of the building, rooms, porch terraces, etc.
  • Sections of the building with elevation marks and portable inscriptions describing the composition of multilayer structures (walls, floors, ceilings, roofs)
  • Building facades with elevations
  • Roof plan with overall dimensions and height marks of ridges, ventilation ducts, cornices, etc.
  • Visualization of the appearance of the building (5-10 types)

Project documentation (stage P)

from 50 000
  • Section 1 “Explanatory Note”
  • Section 2 “Scheme of the planning organization of the land plot”
  • Section 3 “Architectural Solutions”
  • Section 4 “Constructive and space-planning solutions”
  • Section 5 “Information on engineering equipment, on networks of engineering and technical support, a list of engineering and technical measures, the content of technological solutions”
  • Section 6 “Construction organization project”
  • Section 7 “Project for the organization of work on the demolition or dismantling of capital construction projects”
  • Section 8 “List of Measures for Environmental Protection”
  • Section 9 “Fire safety measures”
  • Section 10 “Measures to ensure access for persons with disabilities”
  • Section 11 “Estimates for the construction of capital construction projects”
  • Section 12 “Other documentation in cases provided for by federal laws”

Working documentation (stage R)

from 50 000
  • The composition of the working documentation is determined by the design assignment and may include all sections included in the Design documentation, supplemented by specifications, statements and detailed structural units, as well as the following sections:
  • Master Plan (GP)
  • Highways (AD)
  • Architectural solutions (AR). *In the project at the stage R specifications of materials and products, bills of work and materials, detailed junctions of building structures, etc. are included.
  • Architectural and construction solutions (AS). *When combining working drawings of architectural and design solutions (except for KM)
  • Interiors (AI). *Working drawings can be combined with the basic set of brand AP or AC
  • Reinforced concrete structures (KZh)
  • Metal structures (KM)
  • Power supply (ES)
  • Power electrical equipment (EM)
  • Electric lighting (indoor) (EO)
  • External networks of water supply and sewerage (NVK). *When combining working drawings of external water supply and sewerage networks
  • Internal water supply and sewerage systems (VK)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Security and fire alarm (OS)
  • Fire alarm (PS)
  • Production technology (TX)
  • External gas pipelines (GOS)
  • Gas supply (indoor devices) (GWP)

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