Общий вид здания торгового центра “Мебельный город”

Draft design of the shopping center "Furniture City"

The building of the shopping center "Furniture City" is located at: st. Donetskskaya, 85a in Belgorod. The building is lined with ceramic granite tiles and facade cassettes on a hinged fastening system from the outside. Stained-glass windows - made of aluminum profile with a polymer coating, filled with double-glazed windows of tinted glass

Общий вид здания со стороны ул. 1-й Конной Армии

Wholesale and retail store "Khrustal-Belogorya" in Stary Oskol

Wholesale and retail store "Khrustal-Belogorya" with utility rooms, located at the address: Belgorod region, Stary Oskol, street of the 1st Horse Army, 92. External and internal walls are made of expanded clay concrete blocks with a thickness of 390 mm

Проект здания стоматологической клиники

Dental clinic building project

The project of the building of the dental clinic in the city of Gubkin, Belgorod region. The exterior finish is made using thin-layer facade plaster, wooden slats (buffels), as well as composite facade panels.

Проект фитнес-центра в Белгороде

Fitness center project in Belgorod

The appearance of the building combines the rigor and asceticity of forms and bright contrasting colors, making the designed building an architectural dominant that stands out favorably, but does not dissonate with the existing building

Общий вид здания

convenience store building

AGO project (architectural and urban design) of the building of a convenience store in Streletsky, Belgorod District